Step 1

Getting acquainted

The purpose of the first meeting (virtual or in-person) is to get to know each other and better understand how we can help.   Asking the right questions and having a conversation helps us to understand the best approach for you.   Once you are happy, we go over the next steps and get started with any necessary paperwork.

Step 2

Detailed fact-find

Now it's time to drill down into your goals, objectives and special requirements that you might have.   To get you to where you want to be, we need to establish the starting point. To do this, we carry out a detailed fact-find which helps us build up a clear picture of your current situation.   At this stage, we will ask some more in-depth questions. These might include questions about your financial situation, dependents and anything else which helps build a clear picture of your current situation. We'll also ask you about your income and expenditure.   Think of this stage as an inventory check.

Step 3

Planning your journey

Once we have all the information we need, our experts go away and work their magic.   By analysing your current situation and requirement against your goals, we can identify the best course of action.   We are confident in our methods, but we don't leave anything to chance. We use industry-leading technology and techniques to stress test our solutions and run simulations based on hundreds of scenarios. That way, no matter what life throws at you, we are prepared.

Step 4

Ironing out the details

Armed with our proposed financial solutions and comprehensive data, we will arrange a meeting to discuss it with you.   In this meeting, we can discuss your financial journey. We will show you where you are now and what you need to do to achieve your goals.   Feel free to ask questions. We want to iron out the finer details here and make sure you are happy before proceeding to the next stage.

Step 5

Putting plan in motion

Once you are happy with our recommendations, we will help you to put the plan motion. From filling out paperwork to going over areas you are unsure of, we'll help you with everything.   It doesn't stop once everything is in place. We'll keep in touch to make sure you are still happy with everything and make tweaks if needed.

Step 6

Always by your side

As expats ourselves, we know that life changes and can throw all sorts of unexpected challenges your way. Don't worry; we are with you every step of the way for all of life's changes, no matter how big or small.   Based on our experience, the ongoing service is crucial to you achieving your goals. We will schedule regular reviews and adapt the plan if necessary to accommodate all of life's changes.

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