Claim Your UK State Pension

The UK State Pension is contributory based. This means everyone, regardless of wealth which makes qualifying national insurance contributions is entitled to a weekly payment of up to £175.20 upon reaching State Pension age. In September 2020, this was the equivalent of $16398.72 p.a.

If you worked in the UK immediately before leaving, and you’ve previously lived in the UK for at least three years in a row or paid at least three years of contributions you are entitled to fill contribution gaps. You can also make ongoing to voluntary contributions to maximise the benefit you receive from the State Pension.

Boost Your Retirement Budget

The UK State Pension provides some certainty by providing a fixed income for life. It is, therefore, an important part of everyone’s retirement provisions. However, many expats don’t seem to know their rights and how they can claim their pension from abroad. At Archway Private Wealth, we love helping people claim their rights and making their life easier.

If you live in the USA, we have the experience and expertise to advise you on how to claim your UK State Pension. Our team of advisers is ready to listen to your questions and guide you through the process, saving you time and money. Fill in the contact form to get in touch with us, and you will receive an updated and detailed UK State Pension guide which could answer many of your questions.

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