Why Transfer Your UK Pension

UK workplace or private pension funds are now mostly defined contribution schemes. Their value determined by the investment decisions you made and are subject to the global market fluctuations. Depending on the situation and your needs, you may want to move your pension from one provider to another. Reasons such as moving abroad, currency risk, getting a new job or the wish to take advantage of the pension freedoms available from private pensions could lead you to decide to transfer your pension.

The value and stability of many defined benefit (Final Salary) schemes have also been in the news. For many clients, it is worth exploring the various options to either keep or exchange these policies for another pension solution. Empowering clients with clear transparent advice is at the heart of what we do.

Professional Advice Makes The Difference

If you have a UK-based pension and are considering your options with how to manage it better while you reside in the United States, Archway Private Wealth has the right solution for you. If you have a defined benefit or defined contribution pension worth more than £30,000, you are obliged to get financial advice before transferring. Deciding whether to make any changes to your UK pension is a big decision. However, based on individual circumstances and goals, you can significantly increase the money available to spend in retirement.

Swift And Secure UK Pension Advice

Deciding whether to make changes to your UK pension may seem like a good idea. However, whether it’s the right move for you is a complex decision. It requires careful consideration and expert advice which is scarcely available outside of the UK. Our experts hold the high-level UK Pension Transfer and Planning Advice accreditation. They are also licensed and qualified to give investment advice in the USA. This helps you reduce uncertainty and saving you some money in the process. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

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